National Diabetes Education Program(NDEP) is a Certificate course in Diabetic Education in association with Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Education Academy, a unit of Dr. Mohan’s Diabetes Specialties Centre and Indian Association of Diabetes Educators (IADE).

This course consists of 10 lectures (One Sunday a month, for 10 months). Educator’s handbook on each topic covered is given at the end of each lecture.

Trainers of this course are

  1. Dr. Deepak Dalal (MD,FICA)
  2. Ms. Sheryl Salis (RD, MD (A.M), CDE)

After completion of the course and having qualified the exam, “Certified Diabetes Educator” certificates are given to all successful candidates.

Those who remain absent for any of the lectures, certificate are not issued.

This course is sponsored by USV Ltd, participants wont be charged any fees for the same.

Kindly fill the following link to enroll yourself for the upcoming batch of 2018-2019.


In the month of May,2018 a mail will be sent to complete the admission procedure to all those who have filled their details in the above link. Those who fail to do those will not be registered for the batch.

For any queries kindly mail us at drdalal.ndep@gmail.com or Contact us on 022 614 6001 (Monday to Friday from 10am to 12 Noon).

Co-ordinator for the Course:

  • Utsavi Chheda
  • Preksha Gandhi

National Diabetes Education Program By Dr Deepak Dalal

NDEP Goals of Students