Sprouts Dhokla

Ingredients for 12 pieces

1 Cup Sprouted Moong (whole green gram)
1/2 Cup finely chopped Spinach (Palak)
Green Chillies , roughly chopped
Salt to taste
2 TBSP Besan (Bengal gram flour)
1 TSP Fruit Salt
1 TBSP Oil
1 TSP Sesame Seeds (Til)
1/2 TSP Asafoetida (Hing)
3 to 4 Curry leaves (Kadi Patta)
1 TSP finely chopped Green Chillies
Oil for Greasing


  1. Combine the sprouted moong , spinach and green chillies and blend in a mixer using a little water to a smooth paste.
  2. Transfer the paste into a bowl, add the salt, besan along with ¼ cup water and mix well to make a batter of pouring consistency.
  3. Just before steaming, add the fruit salt and 2 tsp of water over the batter.
  4. When the bubbles form, mix gently.
  5. Pour the batter into a greased 175 mm. (7”) diameter thali and shake the thali clockwise to spread the batter in an even layer.
  6. Steam in a steamer for 10 to 12 minutes or till the dhoklas are cooked.
  7. Heat the oil in a small pan and add the sesame seeds, asafoetida, curry leaves and green chillies and sauté on a medium flame for few seconds.
  8. Pour this tempering over the dhoklas, cool slightly and cut into equal diamond shaped pieces.
  9. Serve immediately with green chutney.

Ref:: Tarla Dalal